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Guides and Tips sections launched

Posted by MarcRic on Tuesday, November 02, 2010. Nov 02

In the last few months I have been dealing with Javascript and NoSQL systems studies.

I grabbed all this information and compile two new sections here:

Be my guest and give it a try. Hope it will be useful to all.

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Ruby for Rails Course launched

Posted by MarcRic on Friday, June 11, 2010. Jun 11

After 6 months I finally get the Ruby for Rails course material done.

This is not a formal or even complete Ruby Language course, but a bunch of ordered code snippets.

On each topic I have provided some functional code which, you can copy, paste, change and make your own tests and improvements.

Hope you enjoy that.

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Trainer On Rails has missed the Christmas

Posted by MarcRic on Thursday, December 26, 2009. Dec 26

That was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but dealing with a bunch of css and html details I was forced to postpone it launch.

Now it is really up and I have no excuses, it is time to work harder and make it works in 2010.

See you soon.

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Trainer On Rails is Back

Posted by MarcRic on Thursday, December 24, 2009. Dec 24

After a long time waiting, Trainer On Rails is back.

I'm just re-starting Sunil Kelkar's original work. And will try to bring you a nice set of Ruby on Rails related courses.

At this point, I have a Basic HTML course.

Next I will bring you a Ruby for Rails course. Where the basic Ruby Language needs in Rails learning will be reviewed.

And after that a Ruby on Rails introductory course.

This first set of online courses will be offered for free.

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